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Derbyshire Man Wins Audi RS6 + £20,000 For Less Than a Takeaway!

In December 2020, Anthony K from Derbyshire won Good Life Competitions and claimed an Audi RS6 & £20,000. Anthony switched from The Lottery to Good Life Competitions after finding out there are limited tickets for sale and that he was 10,000 times more likely to win! We caught up with Anthony to find out just what it feels like to win The Good Life!

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How Does It Feel To Win An Audi RS6 & £20,000 Cash?

I can’t even describe the feeling, I’ve never had anything like this in my life!

I bought one ticket and that ticket has changed our lives.

For the price of that one ticket I’ve got a car that I would never have been able to afford to have, never in my life…

I checked my bank and I’ve got £20,000 in my bank this morning!

All my money worries have just gone away! We can go on holiday. We can do stuff that is just incredible!

What did you do when you heard you’d won?

I was sitting with my wife when I found out.

I hadn’t told her I had entered because I was worried, she would think it was a waste of money, because she didn’t know how good the odds were in comparison to The Lottery and other competitions.

I jumped up and went mental and she had no idea what was going on! When I explained to her at first, she didn’t believe me, but now she does…

Especially now you’re here today with my new car!

For Your Chance To Win A New Car, Get Your Tickets!

What attracted you to play Good Life?

I was lying in bed on a Thursday night, and I thought I’ll have a go!

Someone will win… it probably won’t be me, but I’ll have a go.

I knew the odds were much much better than the lottery and all of the other competitions.

Because I’ve done other car competitions where they sell 100,000 tickets and you have to do spot the ball and stuff like that… or The Lottery where you’ve got 1 in 50 million or whatever the odds are!

I knew there were only a few thousand tickets, I just had to buy my ticket and that’s exactly what I did.

Then I won!

What will you do with the Audi RS6 and £20,000 Cash?

First thing I’ll do is buy my kids some amazing presents as Christmas is in a couple of weeks.

We’ve got a few small debts I will pay off right away, then I imagine we will book to go on an amazing holiday this summer.

The car is absolutely incredible, I will probably drive that for a few months and then sell it.

I’ve got a young family, so cashing in is the sensible option! As amazing as the car is!

For Your Chance To Win A New Car, Get Your Tickets!

You've got your parents with you today, would your Dad like to say anything?

It’s so nice, it’s as if I’ve won it, that’s how it affects you!

To have something so nice happen to one of your own… it’s lovely.

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple.

What I would say to anyone thinking of buying a ticket?

I laid in bed and thought I’ll have a go, someone will win it probably won’t be me, but I’ll have a go.

But it was me, I just won an incredible new car and £20,000 cash.

Anyone watching this, just have a go! £14.99 is not going to break the bank and the rewards are just MASSIVE!

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