Why Thousands Of People Are Playing Good Life Instead Of The Lottery

You will never waste your money on The Lottery Again!

Worldwide there is a 1 in 700,000 chance of being crushed by a meteor. Making it about 64 times more likely to happen than you winning the lottery.

Many are used to picking their weekly numbers for their lottery ticket.. Or perhaps they like buying scratch cards…

**Some fun facts** – You are far more likely to be struck by lightning in your lifetime (1 in 12,000) than win the lottery (roughly 1 in 45 million)

At the end of the day it all comes down to odds!

The lottery is almost impossible to win and chances are extremely low.

Why not better your odds and play something A LOT more likely to happen!

Well with odds that are 10,000 times more likely than the lottery, many people’s dreams are actually becoming reality…. Not just once but people are winning multiple times!!!

If like me, you see others in luxury cars and wish to be similar? Or see others winning thousands on TV shows…?

Good Life Competitions gives the ordinary Brit an incredible opportunity to win the car of their dreams or cash, with incredible odds.

Every competition is independently verified, and the best bit is the price, less than a takeaway…

Lamborghini’s, Audi RS5’s, Tesla’s, Mercedes and so on being given out constantly

Anthony Kenny has a young family based in Derbyshire, he bought just 1 ticket and a few weeks later he walked away with an Audi RS5 + £20,000 Tax Free Cash

“I cannot stress this enough… HAVE A GO! Thanks
to Charlie and the team! You have changed our lives!”

“I’m a winner of the good life competition: Anthony Kenny! From being told I was the winner, to being able to choose my car and receive the prize money has been all sorted so quickly!”

Anthony Kenny
6th December 2019

“You can’t fault it… Yourself, the guys who were involved with the delivery today, it’s been constant contact… I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

“For the sake of just buying one ticket as well! It’s worth it! One hundred percent worth it!”

Danielle Kane
14th February 2020

Good Life have already given away over £2,000,000 worth of prizes!

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They were even featured on MTV! Watch Gaz from Geordie Shore explain How It All Works!

Every competition draw is independently verified by the Institute of Promotional Marketing!

Good Life have built a reputation as an incredibly trustworthy brand! All of their draws are independently verified, meaning the winners are drawn and picked by an independent legal team!

Good Life have a 5/5 star rating on Trust Pilot with over 1,300 reviews!

Why The Rush?

Due to the popularity of Good Life, the competitions sell out incredibly quickly!

There are only 3,399 tickets available for sale and they are just £14.99.

People are winning cars with Good Life every week, for the price of a Friday night takeaway!

Entering is so simple, just go to the website and buy your ticket.

The Good Life team will send you your ticket numbers via email and the draw will be shown LIVE on Facebook.

You can also enter via post! Simply check the T&C’s to find out how.

The question is, which of the below cars will you choose if you win?

UK Residents aged 18+ Only

This Promotion is open worldwide to individuals aged 18 or over excluding employees of the Promoter, its agents and anyone professionally associated with this Promotion. This promotion is void where local national laws prohibit or restrict participation.  A driving license will be required to prove identity and age before the prize is given away. A maximum of 100 entries allowed for this competition.

Promoter: Good Life Competitions

Terms & Conditions 
Institute of Promotional Marketing

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