2699 tickets are sold per competition, each contestant is assigned a ticket number/s.

Once the competition has sold out, a draw is conducted by Promo Veritas. Promo Veritas run competitions for some of the largest brands in the world. The winner is selected at random using cutting edge software.

An email is sent out making contestants aware of the draw and the results are posted on our social media pages. Once you have one the prize, our team will be in contact to arrange deliver/pick up of your chosen car.

If the competition is not sold out within the time frame set out in the terms and conditions, we offer the winner 50% of all money raised through ticket sales to date.

All though it should be noted that it is firmly within our interest to have each competition sold out within a two to three weeks and we have a wealth of experience to ensure that this happens.

After successfully contacting the winner, we aim to have their prize delivered within seven days. In some circumstances we will invite the winner to pick the prize up from our head office in London. We will only deliver our prizes to UK mainland.

Each player is can enter any competition a maximum of 5 times. We strongly advise against buying more than five tickets.
Tickets range from £14.99 – £34.99

After identifying the winner we will announce them via a draw and we will contact them via the contact details they have provided when registering. If the winner does not respond within 14 days of our initial contact, they will be disqualified and the prize will be rewarded as a bonus within the next promotion.

People outside of the UK should not enter the competition. The competition prizes will only be rewarded to contestants based within the UK.

In an instance where all tickets have been sold and a winner has been chosen, the winner can ask for a cash alternative that would be the equivalent to 75% of the trade price of the most expensive prize within each competition. Please contact us at contact@goodlifecompetitions.co.uk if you would like to know what the cash alternative is for your chosen competition.